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Everyday, products are put into the marketplace that are not fit for use by the consumer. These products include tools, sporting equipment, toys, machines, prescription medicines, and medical devices to name a few. The products are often delivered for sale to the public without have been properly designed, tested, and/or approved for safety. As a result, thousands of people per year are injured by defective products sold for profit.

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The policy behind products liability law is to make sure the consumer is fully compensated when injured by a defective product which is improperly put into commerce. If the product fails in its design, the way it was manufactured, or the warranties provided with it, and the consumer is injured as a result of the defect, then compensation can be obtained from any person or company involved in the stream of commerce that brought that product to the market, including the manufacturer, distributor, and/or retailer.

The Law Offices of Edward C. Casey Jr. is committed to defending consumer rights against the increasing number of manufacturers who appear to be willing to take a chance on injuring the public with faulty products if the profit margin justifies doing so.
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